If you need assistance, you can contact Pikmin Bloom's user support.

Before contacting us

We recommend that you refer to the Help Center's support articles and Support Community to search for problems that have already been identified and for possible solutions.

In-app support

When you contact us in the app, the information necessary for support (account information, app version, etc.) is automatically sent to our User Support team, facilitating smooth support. Please contact us through In-app support if at all possible.

  1. Tap [Profile]
  2.  Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select [Help] and on the next screen, select [Contact Support].
  4. A chat with User Support will begin. Please follow the on-screen instructions and describe your problem.

(If you cannot contact us in the app) Contact us via web form

If you are unable to launch the application and cannot contact us in the application, you can use the web form to contact us.

Before contacting us, please try the following troubleshooting guide first.

If the troubleshooting guides don’t resolve your issue, please contact us using this web form and select "Sign-In Issue". User Support will reply to you by e-mail.

Other Inquiries

Report a bug/product feedback

If you have an unconfirmed bug or would like to provide feedback on the app, please contact us in the app (select "Report a Bug/Share Product Feedback") or report it in Support Community. We do not reply individually to reports of problems, but we are working to investigate and resolve them based on the information we receive.
Please note that if you need assistance with account-specific issues, please be sure to contact us in the app and answer to the questions accordingly. User support will be available to assist you.

Requesting Modification or Removal of an In-Game Location

If you believe an in-game location should be modified or removed, you can submit a request for us to review the location.  For information on how to submit a request, please see this support article.

Reporting Inappropriate Gameplay

To report a player or service that violates Niantic Terms of Service or Niantic Player Guidelines, contact us through the app.  Please note that we are unable to inform you of any subsequent correspondence or progress.

Submitting a Ban Appeal

Our goal is to provide our players with a fair, fun, and legitimate gaming experience.  We maintain Three Strikes Policy against cheating and actively remove players that do not respect the rules the rest of the community follows.  
If you believe you were incorrectly punished, please review this support article to submit a ban appeal.

Deleting my Account

Please see this support article.

Requesting my Data

To request your own personal information that we store, please contact us from in-app by the following steps.

  1. To contact us from in-app, please see "In-app support" on this page.
  2. Select the "My Account/Login/Signup" inquiry category
  3. Select "Requesting my Data”
  4. Follow the instructions to complete your request.