Last updated: 2022/4/22 JST

Frequently asked questions

Q. The app does not complete loading and cannot be launched.

After logging in to the app, if loading does not complete and the application cannot be launched, please refer to the following support article for troubleshooting.

If the troubleshooting does not solve the problem, please check if the time on your device is accurate. If the time is inaccurate significantly, the app will not be able to start. Please set your device's time setting to automatic.

If you are still having a problem, please contact support using the web form below. Please select "Sign-In Issue" as Issue Category.

Q. I'm now at Level 6, but I can't start expeditions.

If you are still unable to start expeditions after reaching Lv. 6, tap the map widget on the home screen  (screenshot below) and check the lifelog screen. After the tutorial is completed, you will be able to start expeditions.

Q. I am a user over 13 years old, but when I try to log in with my Nintendo Account, I get the message "You cannot login with a kids account.”

If the user is 13 years old or older, you will be able to change your child account to a non-child account. For further instructions, please visit the Nintendo Account web page (, and click on Help located at the bottom of the page.

Q. (Android) Google Children Account can't download/login Google Fit

We are currently experiencing an issue where Android users who are children under the age of 13 (or the appropriate age in your country defined by Google) cannot download or log in to Google Fit if they are using a Google Account. For this reason, children who use Android are currently unable to play Pikmin Bloom.  Currently, Niantic is continuing to communicate with Google on the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience for children users who have been looking forward to playing Pikmin Bloom.

Q. I am an adult user, but when I try to log in with my Nintendo Account, I get the message "You cannot login with a non-kids account.”

If you enter your date of birth when you first start the app and it determines that you are a child, you will not be able to log in with your adult Nintendo Account. If your date of birth is entered incorrectly, you can re-enter it by deleting the app and installing it again.

Q. (Android) I get a network error message and can't play Pikmin Bloom.

Your Location Information Settings may not be enabled. Please refer to the Location Information Settings in this article and check if it is enabled correctly.

Q.  I have an account playing other Niantic apps (such as Ingress, Pokémon GO, or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite), can I link it to my Nintendo account?

If you already have an account of another Niantic app, we suggest signing up for Pikmin Bloom with a login method you already use. You’ll be able to link a Nintendo Account later.  To link a Nintendo account, after signing up with your existing account, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of your profile screen > Linked Accounts > Nintendo.

Currently, when starting Pikmin Bloom with a Nintendo Account, you won’t be able to link it with any login methods used for other Niantic games.

Q. When I added/removed a friend from my Pikmin Bloom friends list, they were also added/removed from my friends list in other games.

Changes to your Friendship list will be carried over across other Niantic apps. Removing a friend in Pikmin Bloom could also remove them from Pokémon GO, Ingress or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Q. The users who have become my friends do not appear in my friends list.

It may take a few hours for your friends list to become up-to-date. Please wait for a while until it is updated.

Known Issues

(Galaxy S22 Series) Visual glitch of Mii outfits

Description: On Galaxy S22 series, Mii's outfit is displayed in bright pink.
Status: Investigating

(Android) The permission dialogue of access to photos is shown repeatedly.

Description: On Android, even if you deny access to photos, you may still be asked to accept access repeatedly during daily look back.
Status: To be fixed in a future release.

When there are many Pikmin returning from expeditions, the app may crash on the home screen.

Description: After the loading screen, the app may crash if there are many Pikmin who came back from expeditions on the home screen depending on the device. If you have this problem and cannot launch the app, you can contact support using the web form below. Please select "Sign-In Issue" as Issue Category.
Status: To be fixed in a future release.

Resolved Issues

Thank you for waiting. The following issues have been resolved. You can find past resolved issues in the support community.

In v43, buttons in Invite Code view is not functioning

Description: In 43, the buttons in Invite Code view is not functioning ("Share Code", refresh button, copy button).
Status:  Resolved in 2022/4/22/ (JST).

(Japanese Only) The default name of Decor Pikmin has been overwritten in v40.

Description: In v40, when the user plays in Japanese, the default name of Decor Pikmin created before v39 (e.g. Red Pikmin) was automatically overwritten to include the type of decor (e.g. Chef hat Red Pikmin).
Status:  In v41, we reverted the name of Decor Pikmin found before v39 to the original name.
In v43, a button to restore Pikmin names to default has been added which you can use to fix the following issue.
  • When the whistle is tapped, the default name is also displayed if Pikmin was plucked in v40.
  • Once a Pikmin's name is changed, it cannot be reverted to the default name
If you would like to make the Pikmin name not visible when you tap the whistle, please go to Pikmin List => Select the Pikmin => Name This Pikmin => Reset to default.

In v41, if you name a Pikmin after you plucked it out of a seedling, it reverts to the default name.

Description: In 41, after plucking a Pikmin out of a seedling and naming it an original name, it reverts to the default name. As a workaround, please name it in the Pikmin detail view.
Status:  Resolved in v41.1

Issues regarding the expedition badge in v40.

Description: Several issues have been reported regarding the expedition badges introduced in v40 (acquisition of novice badge, display glitches).
Status: The following issues with the expedition badge have been resolved by the update on 2022/3/8 (JST).
  • The expedition badge should have shown the number of expeditions completed since 2022/3/4 17:20 (JST) when the badge became available, but it showed a different number by mistake.  Please note that the badge will be awarded based on the expeditions completed after the badge has been released, and won’t be applied retroactively.
The following issue has been resolved in v41.
  • The time spent for the farthest expeditions is displayed only seconds, and missing hours and minutes.
  • When the names of Pikmin sent are too long, the layout collapses.