Trading allows you to exchange Pokémon with your friends and make progress on completing the Pokédex. Trading occurs in-person and in real-time so you’ll need to be in close range of your friend in order to trade Pokémon.

Every trade requires that you and your trading partner spend some Stardust. Different Pokémon require different amounts of Stardust. Generally, the more desirable the Pokémon (like Legendary Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon), the more Stardust is required to trade. You can lower this amount by increasing your Friendship Level with your trading partner.

Note: For child accounts, parents or guardians may opt into enabling this feature through the Niantic Kids Parent Portal or Pokémon Trainer Club website.

1. Meet up with your friend

Players must be physically in the same location in order to trade. When you and your friend are nearby, navigate to your Friend List.

2. Navigate to the trading screen

  • In Map View, navigate to your Trainer Profile.
  • Tap the Friends tab at the top of the screen to open your Friend List.
  • Tap on the Trainer that you wish to trade Pokémon with.
  • Tap on the Trade button to enter the trading screen.

3. Select Pokémon to trade

Once your friend joins the trading session, you’ll be able to select a Pokémon to trade. Before you select the Pokémon, you’ll be able to view the Pokémon’s details. Note that the CP, HP, and other stats are adjusted when you trade. The Pokémon’s new CP and HP will appear as a range.

Tap the Next button to proceed.

4. Confirm the Trade

After both you and your friend have selected a Pokémon to trade, a confirmation option will appear. The amount of Stardust that is required for the trade will appear next to the button. You also see the amount of Candy you’ve received through the trade. The amount of Candy you earn depends on the distance between where the two Pokémon were caught. The further the distance, the more Candy.

Tap on the Confirm button to complete the trade.

Special trades and limitations

Some Pokémon are considered special trades. These Pokémon require more Stardust to trade and you can only complete one special trade per day. The following are special trades:
  • Pokémon not already in your Pokédex
  • Legendary Pokémon
  • Shiny Pokémon
  • Pokémon with forms not already in your Pokédex (like Unown, costumed Pikachu, and Castform)

Other restrictions on trading:
  • Trading is only available for Trainers that are Level 10 or above.
  • Certain Pokémon cannot be traded. Mythical Pokémon (like Mew) and Pokémon that have previously been traded once before cannot be traded.