For certain bundles or individual items sold in the shop, we may display the total cost of purchasing the items separately.

For reference purposes, the chart below lists the stand-alone value in Poké Coins for items that may be offered in a pack or bundle.

  • Remote Raid Pass: 195
  • Premium Battle Pass: 100
  • Egg Incubator: 150
  • Super Incubator: 200
  • Poffin: 100
  • Poké Ball: 5
  • Incense: 40
  • Rocket Radar: 200
  • Star Piece: 100
  • Lucky Egg: 80
  • Max Potion: 25
  • Max Revives: 37.5
  • Specialty Lure: 180
  • Lure Module: 100
  • Item Bag Expansion: 200
  • Pokémon Storage Upgrade: 200
  • Postcard Page Upgrade: 100
  • Team Medallion: 1000

Additionally, you may see a countdown timer in the Shop, which indicates the amount of time remaining to purchase that specific item, pack or bundle. 

Please note: the values shown above and the contents of packs/bundles or items may change or be discontinued without notice. While similar discount offers or bundles may appear at a later time, this is not guaranteed.