2023/10/13 updated

When your Hunter Rank reaches 6 or higher, you can invite other users to Monster Hunter Now using your exclusive invitation code. When users who have used your invitation code reach Hunter Rank 11, both you and the invited user will receive rewards.


  • Only users who play Monster Hunter Now for the first time can enter an invitation code. Users who have played in the past cannot use this feature.

  • The person who sends the invitation and the person who receives it will automatically become friends.

Sharing your invitation code:

  1. Tap the [Hunter Icon] on the Main screen.

  2. Tap [Friends].

  3. Tap [Add Friends].

  4. Scroll down to find your invitation code. Copy the code and share it using your preferred method.


  • If you want to copy just the invitation code, tap the icon in the middle. If you want to send a message along with the invitation code through a registered social media account, tap the icon at the right. 

  • If you wish to change your invitation code, tap "Refresh" (the previous invitation code will become invalid). 

  • Users who start playing using your invitation code and reach Hunter Rank 11 will be eligible to receive rewards.

Using an invitation code:

  1. Download Monster Hunter Now from Google Play or the App Store.

  2. Enter your birthdate.

  3. Tap [New Player] and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. For iOS devices, you'll need a Google or Apple account, and for Android devices, a Google account is required.

  4. When you reach the invitation code input screen, enter the invitation code shared with you by another user.

  5. Once you reach Hunter Rank 11, you'll be eligible to receive rewards.

Rewards Content: 

Rewards for the Inviting user 

When the person you've shared the invitation code with enters the code, starts playing the app, and reaches Hunter Rank 11, you will receive following items in your Item Box:

  • Paintball x3

  • Potion x5

  • Zenny x300


If more than 20 users enter your invitation code within any given month, we've prepared rewards for up to the first 20 users in the order of code entry. When those users, up to the 20th, reach Hunter Rank 11, rewards will be granted in your Item Box. The count will reset every first day of the month.

You will not receive the rewards for the 21st and subsequent users, but they will still be automatically added to your Friend list in the app. 

Rewards for the Invited Users:

  • Paintball x2

  • Potion x3

  • Zenny x1000


To receive the rewards, invited users need to reach Hunter Rank 11 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple users use the same invitation code?

Yes, any number of users can use the same invitation code.

If I change my invitation code, will the previous code become invalid?

Yes, the previous invitation code will become invalid.

I invited a user who started the app, but I didn't receive the rewards. Why?

There could be several possibilities for this issue. Please note that the invited user cannot redo the invitation code entry.

  • The invited user skipped entering the invitation code.

  • The invited user entered a different user's invitation code.

  • The invited user hasn't reached Hunter Rank 11 yet.

What happens if there is no space in the friend list of the inviter or invitee?

If there is no available space in the friend list (reaching the maximum limit of 400 friends across all Niantic apps), please note the following:

  • The inviter and invitee will not automatically become friends.

  • The inviter will not be able to receive the rewards. The invitee, however, can still receive the rewards.

If I am already friends with someone in other Niantic apps (such as Ingress or Pokémon GO), can I give them my invitation code and receive gifts?

If the user using the invitation code plays Monster Hunter Now for the first time, both the inviter and invitee can receive rewards.

Is it possible to receive rewards beyond the storage limit?

No, it is not possible to receive rewards beyond the storage limit. For more details, please refer to the FAQ “Storage size for materials”.