There is a limit to the storage size for Materials in your Item box. Currently, the storage size is set to a maximum of 5000. 

When the storage size reaches its limit, a red CTA will appear on your Item box, and the following actions will be unavailable:

  • Hunting Large monsters (Field, Paintball, Urgent quests)

  • Hunting Small monsters

  • Collecting from Gathering Points (small/large)

  • Receiving Quest rewards

  • Receiving the content of Palico bag


In these cases, a message will be displayed on the screen indicating that the storage is full. To receive materials, please choose one of the following options:

  • Select and discard unnecessary materials to free up space

  • Purchase Item box Expansion from the Shop to increase the storage size for materials

  • Consume materials by forging or reinforcing equipment from the Equipment



  • Even if the storage limit is exceeded, you can still receive rewards when ranking up in Hunter Rank.

  • Items other than materials have their own individual limits.