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*Hunts may not function properly due to unforeseen network connection issues. When hunting rare monsters and performing other important tasks, we strongly recommend that you play the game in a stable network environment.

*Please be aware that gameplay issues caused by network connectivity problems are not covered under our support. 

*Before you start a hunt, please make sure you're in a safe location and remain aware of your surroundings at all times.

Hunting Small Monsters in the Field

  1. Tap on any small monster that appears within your access range.

  2. Defeat the small monster using the weapon and armor you equipped prior to tapping on the monster.

*Unlike in Large monster hunts, you cannot change your equipment after tapping on a small monster.

Hunting Large Monsters in the Field

  1. Tap on any large monster that appears within your access range.

  2. You can change weapons or armor with the Hunt Prep Screen that pops up. Once you're ready, tap "Solo hunt" or "Hunt with nearby hunters" to continue.

The strength of the monsters (represented by the number of stars) increases based on the progress of the Prologue Story and the number of times you have completed the Main Story.

Solo Hunting

Hunt a monster on your own. Check [TIPS] Slay Monster for tips on hunting.

Group Hunting

With the exception of Urgent Quests, you can join a group of nearby hunters (up to four people total) to hunt a Large monster.

Inviting nearby hunters to join you in the hunt

1. In the Hunt Prep Screen, tap "Hunt with nearby hunters" to begin.

2. Tap "Begin" to search for additional hunters.

3. You will be taken to the Lobby. When you tap the "Ready" button, any hunters who have set their status as "Ready!" will join your hunt.


  • Selecting "Hunt with nearby hunters" causes a Group hunt Recruitment notification to be sent to hunters close to you. You cannot reject hunters who have agreed to join your Group.
  • You cannot tap on "Hunt with nearby hunters" if no other hunters are nearby.

  • When nearby hunters have screens other than the Main Screen displayed, they may not be counted as Nearby Hunters. This can result in issues such as being unable to tap "Hunt with Nearby hunters" or not receiving Group hunt Recruitment notifications.

  • If nearby hunters are in a party, they will not receive Group hunt Recruitment notifications.

  • Even if hunters you want to add to your Group are close by, they may not receive a Group hunt Recruitment notification due to network connectivity issues.

  • The hunt will automatically start 120 seconds after recruitment begins.

  • The rewards from hunts are random.

Joining a Group hunt by invitation from other hunters
  1. Tap the "Join hunt!" message when it appears in the Main Screen.

  2. Hunt Invitations will be displayed, letting you check the list of hosts recruiting for Group hunts. Tap on the hunt you wish to join.

  3. Change your equipment if necessary.

  4. Tap on "Ready!" to continue.


  • If you are not on the Main Screen, you may not receive Group hunt Recruitment notifications. To join a hunt by accepting invitations from other hunters, please stay on the Main Screen.
  • If the host starts the hunt before you tap "Ready!", you may not be able to join the hunt.

  • Even if you are close to the host, you may not receive a Group hunt Recruitment notification.

  • At present, you cannot change your equipment after tapping "Ready!".

  • Depending on when you tap on "Ready!", you may be able to join a hunt already in progress.

  • If the hunt you tap to join is already at the maximum number of participants and you cannot join, another lobby will be created and a recruitment will be initiated to other hunters nearby.

Hunt with your Party members

You can use the Party function to engage in Group Hunts with specific members only. For more details, please refer to the FAQ: "Party."

Hunting Marked Monsters (Hunter Rank 5 & above)

You can use Paintballs to mark Large monsters in the field, so that you can hunt them later. There are two types of markings:

Note: The number of times you can hunt a monster marked with a Paintball is limited. (As of November 2023, three times. If you fail to slay the monster or escape during the hunt, the remaining number of times will be reduced.

Palico Marking (Hunter Rank 5 & above)

Uses Palico Paintballs (violet Paintballs). Fulfilling the following conditions will let your Palico automatically use Palico Paintballs to mark on monsters.

  • "Adventure Sync" is enabled.

  • You own Palico Paintballs.

  • Walk a certain distance.


  • Palico marking may be done while the app is closed as well as while the app is running.

  • The strength of which monster will be marked is currently random.

  • You are given three Palico paintballs per day, but any unused Palico paintballs will not carry over to the following day.

  • Monsters painted with Palico Paintballs cannot be marked manually. If you cannot paint a monster on the field, tap the "Paintball" button on the Main Screen and check to see if it has been marked with the Palico Paintball.

Manual Marking (Hunter Rank 5 & above)

Uses Paintballs (pink paintballs). The Paintballs used in manual marking are obtained by exchanging Gems in the Shop, or receiving them as rewards when you raise your Hunter Rank.

  1. Tap on a Large monster in the field.

  2. Tap the "Paintball" button above the “Solo Hunt” button on the Hunt Preparation Menu.

  3. Tap on "Use" to begin.

The maximum number of monsters that can be registered on the Paintball List is for both Paintballs combined. Once the maximum number is reached, no more monsters can be marked. Also, please note that even if you have Palico Paintballs left, Palico will no longer mark monsters.

Solo Hunting the monsters marked with Paintballs or Palico Paintballs

  1. Tap on Paintball from the Main Screen.

  2. Tap on "Hunt" of the Marked monster you want to hunt to proceed to the next step.

  3. Check your equipment, changing it if necessary.

  4. Tap on "Solo hunt".

Using QR codes to Group Hunt

If you want to engage in the hunting of monsters marked with paintballs with multiple friends or others, you can use QR codes for invitations. For more details, please refer to the FAQ: "Hunting Monsters Using Paintballs."

Monster Materials Obtained from Successful Hunts

The materials obtained from a successful Large monster hunt are random regardless of the hunt's Completion Time, as are materials obtained as Part Break Rewards. At present, there are no items to increase the rate at which you obtain necessary materials. The material drop rates may vary based on the monster's strength level.