Elder Dragon Interceptions, occurring only in specific locations, allow you to hunt an elder dragon. Unless in special circumstances, Elder Dragons will first appear at around 7:15 AM local time, with a preliminary state starting at around 6:55 AM. The last appearance of the day will be at around 10:40 PM local time, with the preliminary state beginning at around 10:20 PM.

  • In order to participate, you will need to have reached HR 11.

  • Elder Dragon Interceptions take place at set times, and you can only join it once the scheduled time arrives. The Elder Dragon Interception will come to a close 25 minutes after you joined it.

  • The rights to join Elder Dragon Interceptions and Hunt-a-thons are shared.

    • After joining an Elder Dragon Interception, there's a cooldown period of 180 minutes before you can join another Interception/Hunt-a-thon and vice versa. 

    • However, an Ultra Hunting Ticket can be used to bypass this waiting time.

  • Even if you are unable to slay an Elder Dragon, their assault can be repelled if you can inflict enough damage. Repel rewards are granted each time you successfully repel an Elder Dragon.

  • When group hunting large monsters in the field, the monster's health scales depending on the number of participants. However, the health of an Elder Dragon is fixed, regardless of the number of participants (up to a maximum of 4 people per group, similar to group hunts).

Slaying or repelling Elder Dragons

For Elder Dragon Interceptions, there are two types of rewards: "Basic Rewards," which are obtained only upon successfully slaying the Elder Dragon, and "Repel Rewards," which are acquired when the Elder Dragon's health is reduced by a certain amount but not fully depleted.

  • The quantity of rewards obtained as Repel Rewards may vary based on the extent of the Elder Dragon's health depletion.

  • Moreover, if specific parts of the Elder Dragon are broken during the interception and it ends in success (either by slaying or repelling the Elder Dragon), you can also receive rewards for breaking those parts. However, if the interception ends in failure, no rewards are obtained.

  • After successfully slaying or repelling the Elder Dragon, you cannot participate in another Elder Dragon Interception. However, if the interception ends in failure, you have the option to retry it.

Joining Interceptions

  1. 20 minutes before the start of the Elder Dragon Interception, specific gathering points will transition into interception points. At this preliminary stage, no interception can be initiated yet.

  2. When it's time for the Elder Dragon Interception to commence, an Elder Dragon will appear at the interception point.

  3. Once the Elder Dragon appears, approach the interception point until it’s within your access circle and tap on it. Alternatively, you can also join by selecting the "Join Hunt!" notification.

  4. Tapping "Join" will transition you to the lobby.

  5. Tapping "Start" will initiate the interception. 

  6. When the time limit is reached, the Elder Dragon Interception will conclude.


  • The interception points for Elder Dragon Interceptions are the same as those for Hunt-a-thons, although the frequency of occurrence differs.

  • If you want to challenge Elder Dragon Interception with a fixed group of hunters, you need to form a party. For more information about parties, refer to the FAQ.

Ultra Hunting Tickets

Hunt-a-thons or Elder Dragon Interceptions can only be participated in one location every 180 minutes, but Ultra Hunting Tickets can be used to participate even if 180 minutes have not elapsed. (Only one location per ticket).

You can purchase Ultra Hunting Tickets from the in-app shop.


  • Ultra Hunting Tickets are consumed after the time limit ends.

  • By using tickets, you can participate in an Elder Dragon Interception even within the cooldown period.