Add your friends in Campfire to easily send direct and group messages, access their profiles, and invite them to your favorite communities and upcoming events! 

Adding Friends

The “Add Friend” button is available on everyone’s profile. To view someone’s profile, tap on their profile icon in a text channel or Direct Message, or via the community members list. This will send a notification to the receiving party.

Note: Adding a friend on Campfire will add them as a Niantic Friend across all Niantic apps.


Once you have sent a friend request, you will see a “Pending” message. 

For more information of what information your friends can see about you, please check out this article. 

Removing a Friend

To remove someone from your Friends List, visit their profile and click on the three dots on the top right of the screen to open the menu and see the option. Additionally, you will see options to Block and Report the person.

Note: Removing a Friend from your Friends List in Campfire will also remove them from your Niantic Friends List in all Niantic apps.