Last updated: January 31st, 2023


Kecleon sometimes doesn’t appear on the map after being knocked off the PokéStop.

Issue description: If you tap the X button while Kecleon is jumping off the stop, it may prevent it from appearing on the map.

Status: Resolved in the next release (0.261). Tap on the PokéStop again and Kecleon will be there. Knock if off the PokéStop again and wait for the animation to complete before exiting to the map. From there, Kecleon will appear and you may tap it to enter the catch encounter.


Kecleon is visible on PokéStops outside the Trainer’s radius.

Issue description: Tapping on a PokéStop outside the Trainer’s radius may reveal a Kecleon on the stop.

Status:  Added as a feature.


Kecleon does not have a gender.

Issue description: Kecleon does not have a gender on the Pokémon detail page.

Status: Resolved, any new Kecleon caught will now have a gender. Gender is now visible for Kecleon Trainers have caught before the bug fix. Kecleon may now be be transferred to Pokémon HOME.


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