Your Trainer Profile displays key information about your Trainer and shows your progress towards reaching a new level, achieving weekly walking milestones, earning medals, and more.

To access your Trainer Profile, tap your Trainer’s portrait in the bottom left corner of the Map View:

Profile Features

1. Trainer Profile or Friend List - Tap to toggle between the two views
3. Trainer nickname and your buddy’s nickname
4. Trainer avatar
5. Active buddy
6. Current level and progress towards next level
7. Level-Up Research - Tap to see what tasks, if any, are required to level up.
8. Buddy history - Tap to see all the Pokémon you’ve ever set as your buddy.
9. Journal - Displays recent activity, such as Pokémon you’ve caught and battles you’ve won.
10. Style - Tap to change your avatar’s clothing and physical features.
11. Total Activity for the lifetime of your account.

12. Weekly walking goals - Walk 5, 25, or 50 km to earn rewards at the end of the week. Walking higher distances yields greater rewards.
13. Egg incubation progress and additional weekly statistics

14. Gyms Recently Visited - Tap a Gym to view statistics related to upgrading that Gym’s Badge. Tap "List" to see all the Gyms you’ve visited and sort by various factors.
15. Medals - View all the medals you can earn, as well as your progress towards earning or upgrading each medal.