We work tirelessly to ensure that you and your fellow Trainers have a fun and fair Pokémon GO experience. Part of that commitment is working to prevent impersonators and other bad actors from attempting to take advantage of unsuspecting players. You can help out by taking a few moments to review some quick tips on keeping your account safe and secure.

Tips for keeping your account secure

Keep your login credentials private

Don’t be fooled by services asking for your login credentials in exchange for free PokéCoins or other advantages - those too-good-to-be-true offers are always fake. Never share your username and password with unauthorized third-party apps or services. If you suspect that your account might be compromised, change your password immediately.

Note: Some unauthorized third-party apps may ask for your Pokémon GO Google login token or cookie. Treat this token like a password and never share it with anyone.

Double-check which login methods are linked to your account

If your account has been compromised, make sure that bad actors haven't connected any other login methods to your account. Open the settings menu and unlink any login methods you don't recognize.

Choose the right kind of passwords

A password like “password123” might be easy to remember but it provides little protection. Choose a password that hard to guess with a mix of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols. It’s also a best practice to avoid sharing the same password across multiple services.

Only play Pokémon GO on the official app

There’s no substitute for the real thing. Never use any unauthorized third-party apps that interact with Pokémon GO’s servers. The only true Pokémon GO experience is found through the official Pokémon GO app, only available on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Not only do you risk compromising your device’s security and exposing your login credentials, you also risk having your Pokémon GO account permanently terminated by using unauthorized third-party apps.

Never purchase or trade Pokémon GO accounts

Pokémon GO is all about having adventures in the real world. Don’t deny yourself or someone else that experience by buying or selling accounts. In addition to violating our Terms of Service, a purchased account has no guarantees: the previous owner may have used unauthorized third-party services on the account or continue to access the account without your knowledge. Niantic does not provide support to issues resulting from purchased accounts.

Compromised Account Recovery

If you end up losing access to your account, we can assist in recovering it provided that:
  • Your account was compromised no more than 72 hours ago.
  • Your account has no previous or existing punishments for violating our Terms of Service.
  • And you can provide evidence of ownership.

You can submit a support request via this form and select "Sign-In Issue" from the drop-down menu. Once you submit a ticket, someone from our team will follow up with further instructions.

Once you are able to recover your account, please ensure that you take all the steps listed above to safeguard from similar future attempts.