Mateo does not always appear at Gyms.

Issue description: When approaching a Gym at the end of a Route, Mateo does not always appear. Tapping on the Gym will prompt Mateo to appear for a Gift Exchange.

Issue status: Investigating


Having the maximum amount of Pokémon in storage blocks Trainers from completing a Gift Exchange.

Issue description: Trainers who have reached their maximum number of Pokémon are blocked from completing a Gift Exchange. In the meantime increasing the number of Pokémon you can hold or sending one to Professor Willow will allow you to proceed.

Issue status: Investigating


Some Gifts do not appear when tapping on Mateo a second time.

Issue description: After entering, then exiting, and then re-entering the Gift Exchange dialogue with Mateo nearby Gifts no longer appear on the Gift menu.

Issue status: Investigating


Quitting a Route may prevent Mateo from appearing
Issue description: Quitting a Route without finishing it may prevent Mateo from appearing in subsequent Routes, even if you didn’t encounter him before quitting.
Issue status: Investigating