Note: For Apple Users, this release will show as version 1.127 in the App Store.

Last updated: 6/27/22

Release notes may be posted before the release is available to all Trainers. Please check your app store for the latest version of Pokémon GO available to you.

- Android 6 has been deprecated. See more here.

- Mega Evolution
- Update to catch screen summary
- Mega Evolution now available in battle lobby
- Best Buddy CP boost indicator is now on Mega Evolved Pokémon

QOL Updates
- “You're going too fast!” pop-up now appears on AR scan
- Balloons will no longer disappear during combat or encounters

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug causing GO Battle League wins to be incorrectly marked as a loss.
- Fixed bug causing “learn more” button to appear twice on Friends List when adding or removing friends
- Fixed bug causing shield sound to play repeatedly during combat even when shield is not activated
- Fixed bug causing Professor Willow to repeat dialogue
- Fixed bug causing both the shiny and regular Mega evolved Pokémon to appear in the Pokédex when only one or the other has been Mega evolved
- Fixed bug causing the game to softlock after exiting a Special Research reward encounter
- Fixed bug causing “all your Pokémon have fainted” page to appear when purposefully exiting a Raid or Gym battle
- Fixed bug causing a white screen to appear briefly when entering a battle encounter
- Mitigated issue causing game to freeze while loading
- Fixed bug causing shadow, purified, and costumed Pokémon to appear with Alolan Pokémon entry information
- Fixed bug causing the Pokémon type to appear over its head when entering a catch encounter
- Fixed bug causing Pokémon icons to flicker on screen when selecting Pokémon for a battle party
- Fixed bug causing some attempts to gift a ticket to fail repeatedly even when the recipient doesn’t yet have a ticket
- Fixed bug causing text to overflow on gift tickets
- Fixed bug causing text to wrap in German on Rocket Battle victory screen
- Fixed bug causing long delay while loading a catch encounter and display a while screen
- Fixed bug causing map to only load partially on some devices
- Fixed bug stopping “gym is currently closed” pop up from appearing when attempting to interact with a closed gym
- Fixed bug where flee button, berry button, AR+ toggle, and Pokéball button would not appear during AR+ catch encounters
- Fixed bug causing sparkles to appear overlaid on Mega evolved Pokémon instead of behind
- Fixed bug causing descriptions to appear below stickers in the shop
- Fixed bug causing a blank white screen after opening many gifts from friends
- Fixed bug causing background to be white when purifying a shadow Pokémon
- Fixed bug causing tall Pokémon to overlap with CP and Pokémon name on Raid boss page
- Fixed bug causing some items to appear stretched on Trainer avatar
- Fixed bug causing player to not be directed to the Health permissions when enabling Adventure Sync
- Fixed bug causing some players to enter a PvP battle late
- Fixed a bug sometimes causing fastmove animation to not play
- Fixed a bug causing ticket gifting notifications to expire before the event ended
- Fixed bug causing the extra gifts from buddy animation to play even after gifts had already been added to inventory and used