Note: For Apple Users, this release will show as version 1.193 in the App Store.

Last updated: January 6th, 2021

Release notes may be posted before the release is available to all Trainers. Please check your app store for the latest version of Pokémon GO available to you.

Quality of Life

  • Menu Indicators

    • When there is unrea​​d News, the “News” text in the Pokéball menu will turn blue instead of orange
    • The overflow number of Items or Pokémon will now appear in orange instead of red

  • Power-Up PokéStops

    • The bonus rewards from a powered up Pokéstop will now have a blue background

Bug Fixes

    • Mitigated an issue where Pokémon such as Aerodactyl were flying too high for Trainers to catch
    • Fixed an issue where setting Mega Gengar sometimes locked Trainer into their profile view and set their level to 00
    • Mitigated an issue where Trainers would be unable to catch Pokémon during a raid encounter if they received “Network Error (2)”
    • Fixed an issue where Gift icon would sometimes show up when a Friend requested a trade, even when the Friend had not also sent a Gift
    • Fixed an issue where when swapping a Trainer’s Buddy, multiple taps on the swap button got counted against the daily swap limit
    • Fixed an issue where if the user has Dark Mode enabled on Android, the buttons in the Map View would come up black to match Dark Mode
    • Fixed an issue where the power up animation for a PokéStop did not always play after submitting a scan
    • Fixed an issue where the text on the “Share Friend Code” button was overflowing in Spanish
    • Fixed an issue where Ferroseed and Inkay sometimes did not fit on the Trainer Achievement cards
    • Fixed an issue where the encounter music would not stop playing after the Trainer flees the encounter
    • Fixed an issue where the sound effect when transferring multiple Pokémon was sometimes loud and distorted