Note: For Apple Users, this release will show as version 1.187 in the App Store.

Last updated: 10/7/21

Release notes may be posted before the release is available to all Trainers. Please check your app store for the latest version of Pokémon GO available to you.


  • AR safety pop-up will now only appear before the first AR session instead of every AR session.
  • Trainers can now zoom in and out of avatar outfits in Shop.


  • Darkened background color on some text pop-ups to increase legibility.
  • Reduced time to load Pokédex.
  • Trainers who have a device that does not have a gyroscope can evolve Inkay without its unique evolution method.
  • Resized Lure Module text in Japanese and Chinese to be more legible.


  • Fixed bug causing Pokémon search icon text to break up incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug showing gifts from friends who did not send a gift.
  • Fixed bug causing Falinks to appear too large as a Raid boss during Raid battles.
  • Fixed bug causing buddy Pokémon to disappear from map after being evolved.
  • Fixed bug stopping Pokémon, Pokéstops, and other items from loading after backgrounding the app while walking.
  • Fixed evolution bug where evolved Pokémon cut off on the Pokémon detail page and evolution screen.
  • Fixed bug removing the shiny icon from evolved Pokémon on the Pokémon detail page of the Pokédex.
  • Fixed bug causing contact list import pop-up to appear during combat.
  • Fixed bug causing some buddy Pokémon to start at a walking distance lower than zero.
  • Costumed Raid Boss Pokémon will retain costume even if caught after the end of a special event.
  • Fixed bug stopping Adventure Sync from tracking distance walked for buddy candies and egg walking requirements.
  • Fixed bug causing double XP gained while using a Lucky Egg to appear as standard XP amount.
  • Fixed bug locking Trainers out of their account after evolving their buddy.