The Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC) is a service provided by The Pokémon Company International that connects you to other Pokémon games and apps, including Pokémon GO. Creating a PTC account will also allow you to receive the latest Pokémon news and compete in live competition.
Navigate to to login to an existing PTC account or create a new PTC account and verify your age and country/region.
Please note that your PTC screen name or account name may not necessarily be the same as your Pokémon GO Trainer Nickname.

Using PTC to log into Pokémon GO

Trainers can use a PTC account as an authentication method to log into Pokémon GO by linking their Pokemon GO account in their PTC settings.
To connect a PTC account to Pokémon GO as a login method:
  1. Create or log into your PTC account at

  2. Select Pokémon GO Settings from your PTC profile menu.

  3. Login using your Pokémon GO login credentials and accept the Niantic Terms of Service. Learn more.

Note that you cannot link your Pokémon GO and PTC accounts from within Pokémon GO, however, Trainers who first created accounts through PTC can link additional accounts through the methods provided in this article.

Account Linking for official Pokémon GO competitive events

This feature is currently still in development and will be made available prior to the first regional Pokémon GO Championship Series event in the coming months. More details about how to link your account will be available at that time.

Recovering your PTC login information

Because PTC is a service that is operated by the Pokémon Company International, Niantic Support is unable to assist with login issues. For more information about how to request support related to PTC login, see this link.