When you are submitting data to Niantic, like Wayspot nominations or AR Scans of PokéStops or Gyms, you have several upload options to best manage your data consumption.


Upload Immediately

Immediately after completing an AR Scan or Wayspot nomination, you can choose to upload immediately. Tap Upload Now to proceed with your choice.

For AR Scans, a confirmation screen will tell you the file size of the scan or scans you’re uploading. You can always tap Change to Upload Later during the process if it is taking too long, or if you change your mind midway through the upload process.


Upload While Playing

If you were to close the upload screen while uploading, the upload will continue in the background while you continue to play Pokémon GO. You can check on the progress of your upload by tapping on the Poké Ball menu and looking in the top right corner of the main menu. When uploads are in process, Uploading will appear here. You can also see any pending AR scans in the Uploads section of the Settings menu.


Upload Later

If you want to wait until you have a Wi-Fi connection or just aren’t ready to upload your AR Scan or Wayspot nomination immediately, you can tap Upload Later. This will save your AR Scan or Wayspot nomination and allow you to complete the upload process later. You may save AR scans from more than one Wayspot.

To reinitiate your upload, tap the Poké Ball menu, and then tap Upload from the top right corner of the main menu. This will initiate the upload of all AR scans and Wayspot Nominations you have in your queue.

You can also see any pending AR scans in the PokéStop Contribution section of the Settings menu and initiate the bulk upload from there. Tapping Manage will allow you to view the progress of your entire upload queue. You may also cancel, delete, or retry uploads from this page.


Upload Errors

If your upload encounters an error on any one of the uploads in your queue, the Upload icon on the main menu will turn red. Tap it to retry your upload.

From the Settings menu, you will also see an error flag on the scan in the upload queue. Tap Retry to retry your upload.