Note: For Apple Users, this release will show as version 1.175 in the App Store.
Last updated: May 20, 2021
Release notes may be posted before the release is available to all players. Please check your app store for the latest version of Pokémon GO available to you.


  • Pokemon can now be sorted by tags in battle select.
  • When acquiring buddy hearts, buddy  Pokémon’s face will now stay centered.
  • When Trainers attempt to join a raid without an appropriate raid pass, they will be able to purchase a pass even if it goes over their inventory maximum.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that automatically enabled Adventure Sync when  Pokéball Plus was connected and player agreed to tracking permissions, even after Trainer disabled Adventure Sync manually.
  • Fixed bug where currently megaevolved  Pokémon appear in the search filter for  Pokémon that have the potential to be megaevolved.
  • Fixed a bug on Android devices preventing Trainers from tapping the back button to exit a raid.
  • Limited-purchase bundles, such as Event Boxes or Daily Free Boxes, now only require item space for the items inside the bundle. For example, a box with 4 items that previously counted as 5 (the 4 items + the box itself) will now be counted as 4 items.
  • Fixed bug causing soft lock when toggling AR on and off rapidly during a catch encounter.
  • When Trainers delete a  Pokémon nickname, the species name now reappears in place of the nickname instead of reverting back to the nickname.
  • When backgrounding the app and then resuming play, the map will now appear correctly with  Pokéstops and Gyms instead of a blank map.
  • Fixed a bug on screen before battles in GBL which showed ranks as white squares instead of trainer ranks.
  • Fixed bug where game soft locks when network connection is turned off quickly after rejoining a raid battle.
  • Fixed bug causing the “Get closer to scan this Pokéstop” warning to pop to the top of the screen.
  • Fixed visual bug where  Pokéball open effect didn’t play at the start of a PVP match for both non-player characters and GO Battle League.
  • Fixed bug causing white squares to appear on Team Rocket Radar map.
  • Clicking back after clicking on a geotargeted quest no longer causes game to softlock.
  • Fixed issue causing  Pokéball to freeze in midair or bounce off an invisible wall when attempting to catch a  Pokémon during a catch encounter using AR+ mode.
  • Improved friends list performance for Trainers with 256+ friends.
  • Daylight Savings Time is now recognized in game and should not have further impact on gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue causing numbers to appear with formatting inconsistent with local language standards.
  • Fixed bug causing purified  Pokémon to not appear in  Pokémon inventory.
  • Fixed bug causing Xerneas model to be Active mode in non-combat scenes.
  • Fixed bug causing referring accounts with 300+ friends to encounter a blank screen when tapping "You've completed a milestone!" in-game notification.
  • Pokéball no longer freezes for several frames during a catch encounter while using incense is being used.
  • During battles within the Great League, buffs and debuffs will now consistently clear when battling  Pokémon are swapped.
  • Spinning a  Pokéstop will no longer grant AR Scan research tasks to Trainers below the minimum level for the feature.
  • Fixed bug causing Trainers to lose Best Buddy medal progress when exchanging buddy  Pokémon.
  • Ditto without a set gender can no longer be sent to  Pokémon Home