Just like the real world, the world of Pokémon GO will change with the seasons. Every three months, you can expect to see a new Season in Pokémon GO that brings major changes, such as the following:

  • Different Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild, hatching from Eggs, and appearing in raids and Mega Raids. Some Pokémon will be more difficult to find during some Seasons, so catch them while you can!
  • Based on what hemisphere you're in, you can find different Pokémon appearing in the wild each Season.
  • In-game events will be themed based on the Season they occur in.
  • GO Battle League seasons will align with the overarching Seasons and will rotate formats on the same three-month schedule. Rewards from the GO Battle League will also be tied to the theme of the current Season.

Seasons will be continually updated with more features and content. To learn more about the current season, check out the Today View in your app or visit the official website.