Your Niantic Profile is a section of your game-specific profile that displays your information from across Niantic apps on a single screen. 
You can access your Niantic Profile by tapping the Niantic logo in the top right corner of a Niantic game’s profile screen. Only you and your friends are able to view your Niantic Profile.
Your Niantic Profile will show recent achievements across Niantic apps, your lifetime distance walked and the date at which you first began playing Niantic games. 
You can also see other available Niantic games that you are not currently playing; tap on the game icons to learn more about each app.

Controlling What Others See

You can control how much information around certain aspects of your Niantic Profile is available for your friends to see. 
  • Online Status: You’re able to set yourself Offline at any time by tapping on the Online Status toggle in your Friend list. Learn more about Online Status.
  • Last Played Date: To hide the date which you last used a Niantic app, navigate to the Settings menu of your Niantic Profile and tap “Let my Friends see info about the last time I played Niantic Games.”
  • Player Username: To hide the username for various games, navigate to the Settings menu of your Niantic Profile and tap “Let my Friends see my usernames from all Niantic Games.”

Connecting your Accounts

By tapping on the gear icon in the top right corner of your Niantic Profile, you can see which accounts (e.g. Google Account, Facebook Account, or Apple ID) you have connected to Pokémon GO and make changes to these settings.

Viewing Friends’ Niantic Profiles

You can also view your friends’ Niantic Profiles by tapping on the Niantic Icon when viewing their Trainer Profile in your Friend List.
When you’re viewing your friends’ Niantic Profiles, you can give them nicknames to help better remember who they are. Note that the nicknames that you’ve given to your friends from your Pokémon GO Friend List will carry over to your Niantic Profile. 
If you want to change your friend’s nickname, tap the gear icon in the top right corner. You can also remove a friend from this menu, but keep in mind that removing a friend in one game will remove them from other games as well.
Your online status in the game you’re currently playing is also visible to Friends who have also set themselves Online.