If you are experiencing issues with GO Battle League, please first check if your issue is listed on our Known Issues page or contact us via in-app support so we can provide you with personalized support.

Latency in GO Battle League can manifest in various ways, such as the battle interaction freezing, delays in Pokémon attacks, or difficulty swapping Pokémon during battle.

These issues are most often the result of a weak or inconsistent connection. Switching between cellular data and Wi-Fi to see which provides a more consistent and stable connection may address these issues. One type of connection may be subject to more interference than the other depending on your location and/or signal strength. 

If you’re unsure of which connection to use, online ping tests allow you to determine which type of connection is stronger for you at the moment.

Additionally, if you are moving, either on foot or as a passenger in a vehicle, this can impact the strength or consistency of your data connection. Ensuring a consistent physical location can help to mitigate this issue.