The Pokémon summary provides detailed information about the characteristics that make your Pokémon unique. You can evolve, Power Up, and make other changes to your Pokémon here.

To access your Pokémon’s summary:
  1. In Map View, tap the Main Menu
  2. Tap Pokémon
  3. Select a Pokémon to view from your list of Pokémon

Summary Features

1. CP (Combat Points) - A measure of how well that Pokémon will perform in battle
2. Favorite - Tap this star to add a Pokémon to your list of favorites. Favorited Pokémon can’t be transferred until they’re removed from the list.
3. GO Snapshot - Tap to take an AR photo with your Pokémon
4. Nickname - Set as the Pokémon’s species name by default. You can edit their nickname by tapping the pen button.
5. HP (on the left) and Gender (on the right)
6. Weight, type, and height
7. Stardust - Used to Power Up Pokémon
8. Candy - Used to Power Up and evolve Pokémon

9. Power Up - Increases a Pokémon’s CP and HP in exchange for Stardust and Candy
10. Evolve - Evolve a Pokémon by spending Candy. Some Pokémon have additional evolution requirements.
11. Attacks - Shows the Fast and Charged Attacks your Pokémon currently knows and how much damage they do in Gyms, Raids, and Trainer Battles
12. New attack - Teach your Pokémon a second Charged Attack by spending Stardust and Candy
13. Location and time caught - If the Pokémon was hatched from an Egg, it will display the location and time the Egg was obtained
14. Additional options - Tap to access additional options, such as appraising and transferring.