Niantic Wayfarer is a one-of-a-kind community mapping program that allows you to directly shape your real-world adventures across all Niantic games. By participating in Niantic Wayfarer, Explorers become part of an interactive community and contribute to the development of the Niantic real-world map, which is the foundation for all Niantic games.
As a Wayfarer Explorer, you can nominate new Wayspots in your community, review others’ nominations, and contribute information or edits to existing Wayspots to help the Niantic map evolve in tandem with the real-world.
Earn Wayfarer rewards and get involved with a lively global mapping community that loves discovering new Wayspots around the world that inspire exercise, exploration, and social interaction.
Pokémon GO players Level 37+ and Ingress players Level 10+ are eligible to participate in the program. More Niantic games may be eligible to contribute to the Wayfarer program in the future.
Watch this video to learn more: