In general, the best way to contact Pokémon GO support is through our in-app support system. To contact support through the app:

  1. From the Map View, open the Main Menu   

  2. At the top right, tap Settings   

  3. Tap on Help in the top right corner to access the help center.

  4. Tap this button in the upper right corner.   

However, there may be a more suitable contact method for your specific issue or Help Center articles that can help you out. Review the topics below to learn more.

Help

For assistance with signing in, check out these troubleshooting guides:

Reporting a Bug

To report a bug with Pokémon GO that isn’t already listed on the Known Issues page, please contact us through the app.

You won't get an individual response to your report, but we’ll use this information to help us reproduce the issue and identify trends. Using the in-app option allows us to collect important contextual information (like app version and device model) to better investigate bugs.

In-Game Shop Purchases

If you purchased PokéCoins and wish to receive a refund, please contact Apple Support (iOS users), Galaxy App Store (Samsung users), or Google Play Help (Android users) to review their respective refund policies, request a refund, or to inquire about a recent transaction.

If you have a question about an item purchased from the shop using PokéCoins, please contact us through the app.

Requesting Modification or Removal of an In-Game Location (PokéStops or Gyms)

If you believe an in-game location should be modified or removed, you can submit a request for us to review an in-game feature representing a real-world location. Please visit this page for information on how to submit a request.

Reporting Inappropriate Gameplay

To report a player or service that violates the Terms of Service or the Niantic Player Guidelines, contact us through the app. Please note that we can't discuss any actions we may have taken on another player’s account.

Submitting a Ban Appeal

Our goal is to provide our players with a fair, fun, and legitimate gaming experience. We maintain a Three Strikes Policy against cheating and actively remove players that do not respect the rules the rest of the community follows. If you believe you were incorrectly punished, please review this page to submit a ban appeal.

Deleting my Account

For account deletion requests, please contact us using this form and select "Delete My Account" under the issue type dropdown menu. Please note that this action cannot be reversed once fully processed.

Requesting my Data


Request your data by contacting us through the support menu in the app.


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