Use GO Snapshot to take stunning AR photos of Pokémon in the Real World.

Taking a GO Snapshot

To take an AR photo of a Pokémon you’ve already caught

  1. Find the Pokémon in your Pokémon menu and tap the Camera button. You can also open your Item Bag, tap the Camera item, then choose a Pokémon. 

If you aren’t using AR mode, your Pokémon will be placed on a static background automatically.  

If you are using AR mode, slowly pan your camera over a flat, open surface (like the ground or a tabletop). Sparkles and yellow footsteps will appear once your device has successfully detected your environment. Tap wherever you see footsteps to place your Pokémon on the surface.

You can now move around to find the best angles for your shot. There are a few things you can do to position your Pokémon for a shot:

  • Tap your Pokémon once and they’ll strike a pose.

  • Tap and rub your Pokémon and they’ll turn towards your current position.

  • Use the button in the bottom left corner to recall your Pokémon and place them again in a different position.

When you’re ready, tap the Camera button to take your GO Snapshot. Photos are saved to your device’s memory, even if you take multiple.

Tap the exit button in the upper-left corner and you’ll see a gallery of your photos from that session.

Surprise encounters with Pokémon

Occasionally, while you are taking a photo in GO Snapshot, a Pokémon may make a surprise appearance in your picture! This encounter will save two versions of your photo, one with the surprise Pokémon appearance and one without.

After you view the photo in your gallery, the Pokémon that appeared in your photo will also appear on the Map. Tap it to enter into an encounter with that Pokémon and get an opportunity to catch it. For certain Pokémon, these surprise encounters are the only way to catch that Pokémon.

Taking GO Snapshots with Buddy Pokémon

Once you’ve chosen a Buddy Pokémon, you can take photos while interacting with them. Learn more about Buddy Pokémon.