Niantic ID is your primary, unique identity across all of Niantic’s games and apps. Your Niantic ID is the username tied to your Niantic Account, which makes it easier for friends to recognize you across Niantic games and apps and stay connected.

Your Niantic ID will appear in newer Niantic games and in the future it will be more deeply integrated into existing Niantic games and apps. You can view and edit your Niantic ID from your Niantic Profile in Campfire or on the web portal at

Please note that Niantic reserves the right to reset IDs that violate our policies or could otherwise cause harm to our users.

What is a Niantic Profile?

Niantic Profile connects all of your Niantic games and apps in one place, where you see and manage your friends list, profile information, and other account settings. Your Niantic Profile shows the games you play, lifetime distance walked, and when you first began playing Niantic games. 

Controlling What Others See

You can control what others see on your Niantic Profile. For more information, check out our article about visibility settings for Niantic Profile.