When you make changes to your account through the Pokémon GO, Ingress, or Pikmin Bloom apps, we may require your confirmation and will typically send email correspondence to your account's email address we have on file for that game.

In some cases, we will get your confirmation by requesting that you verify ownership of your device if your account does not have an email address associated with it. We will prompt you to complete your device lock within the game’s app to verify device ownership and confirm the account changes. The device lock is the authentication method used to unlock your device and will be one of the following:

  • Numeric Passcode
  • Alpha-numeric Password
  • Android Pattern Lock
  • Biometric ID (Touch ID, Face ID, or Eye Lock)


Device lock information is never shared with Niantic. Niantic is notified only as to whether the authentication is successful.

Keeping your account secure

Please keep your account information confidential. We strongly urge you to avoid sharing or signing in to your account on devices you do not own or manage.