The Niantic Profile web portal is your one-stop shop to manage your identity, Friends, and more! Log in to using the same login method (Google, Facebook, or Apple) connected to the game account(s) you’d like to manage.

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will be prompted to “Create your Niantic ID.” Niantic ID is your primary identity in Wayfarer, Niantic Social, and the Niantic Profile web portal. In the future, Niantic ID will be more deeply integrated into the games you play to allow your Friends to identify you across all Niantic games.

Clicking this button will take you to the Edit Profile page, where you can also choose your Display Name. This Display Name accompanies your Niantic ID and is an additional identifier that you can customize and change at any time.

Once you’ve updated your Niantic ID, Display Name, Game Profile Visibility Settings, and any other settings, like your avatar photo and Activity Status, click “Save” and return to your profile to see how it looks!

Pro Tip: If you already claimed a Niantic ID during a previous reservation process, this portal is the best place to confirm the Niantic ID you reserved. All accounts have also been granted a one-time ID name change. Please see our article, "How many times can I change my Niantic ID?"