The gunlance is a weapon which uses ammo to fire artillery shots while providing high defense. Shelling and Wyrmstake Cannon offer consistent firepower.

Shelling/Wyrmstake Cannon

How to use: Tap▶Tap▶Tap (with Wyrmstake Shot loaded)

After the second Shelling attack, the loaded Wyrmstake Shot is consumed to drive exploding stakes into the monster.

Quick Reload

How to use: Tap (Wyrmstake Shot not loaded) or (during an action) Long Press Flick downwards 

Quickly reloads Shelling ammo.
*Quick Reload will not reload Wyrmstake Shot.


How to use: Guard (long press)▶Flick downwards

*Both Shelling ammo and Wyrmstake Shot will be reloaded.

Lateral Thrust

How to use: Flick upwards

Special Skill: “Wyrmstake Cannon”

How to use: Tap the Special Skill button once the Special Gauge is full

Fire off a shot with devastating force.

Guard/Charged Shelling

How to use: Long press

Long press to perform a Guard, while also charging up your Shelling. After letting go, a powerful Charged Shelling will be released.

Rising Slash

How to use: Guard▶Flick upwards

Burst fire

How to use: Rising Slash▶Flick upwards▶Tap

Following a Rising Slash, consume all ammo to fire a powerful shot.

Perfect Evade Combo/Overhead Smash

How to use: Perfect Evade▶Flick Upwards

Following on from the Overhead Smash, Burst fire will be performed. Furthermore, upon successfully executing the perfect evade, your ammo will be replenished by 1.