Unlocked upon completing Pre-Season Story 3-1.


  • A weapon with both high damage and mobility, capable of executing rapid, consecutive attacks.

  • Short reach makes it vulnerable, requiring practice. However, skillful evasion allows connecting various attacks.

  • Demon Mode can be activated by tapping the SP skill button.

  • Unique stamina gauge depletes gradually during Demon Mode and gradually recovers in normal state. Demon Mode gets deactivated when the gauge reaches zero.

Main Weapon Actions

  • Demon Mode
    Tap the SP skill button. Increases attack speed, making it easier to deliver consecutive attacks. Deactivated automatically when stamina reaches zero, upon specific attacks, status ailments, or hunter down, transitioning to the normal state.

  • Demon Sky Dance Combo
    Activated during Demon Mode by performing a perfect evade. The hunter ascends into the air, delivering continuous slashes towards the monster.

  • Heavenly Blade Dance (SP)
    Soars high into the air, executing a deadly series of attacks. Tap the Special Skill button when the SP Gauge is full during Demon Mode.