Unlocked at Hunter Rank 1


  • Offers simple actions that are easy to use, with its quick attack speed allowing for nimble movements. Using the shield also lets you guard against monster attacks, reducing the amount of damage taken.

  • Each strike deals a small amount of damage, and its short reach limits your attack range.

Main Weapon Actions

  • Guard
    Raise your shield to defend against or reduce the incoming damage of monster attacks.
    Tap and hold to activate.

  • Backstep
    Leap backwards swiftly from the guarding stance. Flick backward while guarding.

  • Charged Slash Combo
    Unleash a powerful combo attack. There are two ways to activate:

  • Tap after a Backstep.

  • Guard against a powerful monster attack, and tap when heavily knocked back.

 (The magnitude of the Knockback varies depending on the attack's damage.)

  • Perfect Rush Combo (SP)
    This raging combo attacks with both sword and shield, dealing massive damage to monsters.
    Tap the Special Skill button when the SP Gauge is full.