The Monster Tracker allows you to search for a specified monster and hunt it whenever you wish.

  • Unlocked after completing Pre-Season Story Chapter 13: Sunderer of the Skies. 

  • Large monsters that have not been unlocked or certain large monsters cannot be specified. 

Tracking monsters 

  1. Tap on [Paintball].

  2. Tap on [Monster Tracker].

  3. Specify the monster you want to hunt, as well as its strength.

  4. Tap on [Confirm] 

*You can track up to 5 monsters per day with the Monster Tracker. The tracking count resets at 5 AM.

*Changing the monster being tracked mid-gauge will reset the Tracker Gauge.

*The number of hunts required to fill the Tracker Gauge increases each time the Tracked Monster is found, before resetting the following day.

Filling the Tracker Gauge in the Monster Tracker

Defeating large monsters will gradually fill up the Tracker Gauge.

You can fill the gauge by:

  • Defeat large monsters: Every time you successfully hunt a large monster, the gauge will accumulate.

Hunting the found monsters

Once the Tracker Gauge is full, your Palico will find and mark your selected monster for you.

  1. Tap on [Paintball] on the Main Screen.

  2. Tap on [Hunt].


  • If you don't hunt for 48 hours after the Tracker Gauge is full, the gauge will reset. You'll need to fill the gauge again to hunt large monsters of the specified strength.

  • While you can use QR codes or party invitations to participate in group hunts for monsters tracked by the Monster Tracker, you cannot send “Join hunt!” notifications to nearby hunters.

  • Monsters found by the Monster Tracker do not count towards the number of slots in the Paintball List. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I can't specify the large monster I want to hunt with the Monster Tracker.

A: The following large monsters cannot be hunted:

  • Large monsters that have not yet been unlocked in your field

  • Subspecies of each large monster

  • Some large monsters that appear in events or Hunt-a-thons

  • Large monsters that are found only in volatile territory

Q: I want to change the large monster being tracked by the Monster Tracker.

A: It's possible to change. However, if you change the tracked large monster, the gauge you've accumulated will be reset.

Q: Can I hunt the monster found with the Monster Tracker multiple times?

A: No, you cannot. However, if you fail to hunt, you can reattempt hunting up to 2 times.

Q. Will the supplied Palico Paintballs be consumed by the Monster Tracker?

A. No, they are not consumed.