Q: My hunts get interrupted due to Network errors.

A: Monster Hunter Now requires frequent communication with the game servers to maintain synchronization during hunts. Unlike Pokémon GO and other Niantic apps, Monster Hunter Now is more sensitive to delays in data transfer (latency), which significantly impacts stability during hunts.

Please consider the following if you get Network errors:

  • Check if you’ve exceeded your mobile data limit and if there are any speed restrictions.
  • Ensure your device isn’t automatically switching from mobile data to weak free Wi-Fi signals.
  • Network stability may be compromised when switching between different mobile data standards (4G, 5G, LTE).
  • In areas with low density of 5G base stations or where signal strength is weak, you may experience communication issues despite the 5G indicator being displayed.
  • In urban areas with localized spikes in network traffic, communication quality may degrade despite seemingly good signal strength.
  • Downloading assets during mobile data usage increases communication load. After app updates, select “Download all assets” from settings under stable network conditions like fixed lines before embarking on hunts.
  • Check if your device’s free space is low or if the device is in low power mode, limiting internet activity and reducing background refresh.
  • Make sure that you are not moving at high speed or participating in a hunt while moving.
  • Wireless Signal Delay
    • In densely populated areas, such as urban environments, there may be areas with poor wireless signal due to the characteristics of radio waves.
    • Radio waves reflect when they encounter obstacles like buildings. The way they reflect depends on the material and frequency of the obstacle, sometimes causing multiple reflections in different directions.
    • However, as radio waves reflect repeatedly, they gradually weaken. Urban areas are filled with various obstacles such as buildings, elevated train tracks, and roads, which can all affect radio wave propagation, along with factors like people and moving vehicles.

We are continually striving to ensure the game’s synchronization under mobile data conditions, which are inherently less stable than fixed lines. Your reports are invaluable, and we are committed to improving the experience for all hunters based on your feedback.