For certain packs/bundles or items sold in the shop, we may display the total gem cost of purchasing the items separately. 
For reference purposes, the chart below, lists the stand-alone value, in Gems, for items that may be offered in a pack/bundle.

  • Potion (1 unit): 60 Gems

  • Paintball (1 unit): 180 Gems

  • Wander Orb (1 unit): 480 Gems

  • Wander Droplet (1 unit): 280 Gems

  • Hunt-a-thon Ticket (1 ticket): 150 Gems

  • Special Carving Knife (1 unit): 300 Gems (Note 1)

  • Zenny (1,000): 220 Gems

  • Zenny (10,000): 1980 Gems

(Note 1) The Special Carving Knife cannot currently be exchanged for Gems at the shop. Therefore, the amount of Gems required when tapping "Double Rewards" upon successful hunt is used as the basis.

  • These values shown above and the contents of packs/bundles or items may change or be discontinued without notice.

  • The period during which packs/bundles or items can be purchased and the number of times they can be purchased may change or be discontinued without notice.