Hunt-a-thons are events which occur at specific locations in the field, allowing you to hunt multiple monsters in succession. 

To participate in a Hunt-a-thon, you need to be near a Hunt-a-thon Point.

HR11 or higher is required to participate. In Hunt-a-thons, monsters stronger than those that usually appear in the field will spawn.

Hunt-a-thons will begin at specified times. You may only begin hunting after the designated time. Once 25 minutes have passed, the Hunt-a-thon will conclude.


  • Which large monsters will spawn in the Hunt-a-thon is generally randomized based on the Hunt-a-thon Point and the time it occurs. In some events, the lineup may be fixed.

  • The monsters at the Hunt-a-thon Points will be stronger than those that appear in the field, even if they have the same ★(star).

  • In a group hunt of a large monster in the field, the monster's health varies depending on the number of participants. However, at Hunt-a-thon Points, the health of the large monsters that appear is fixed regardless of the number of participants (similar to group hunts, with a maximum of 4 hunters per group).

  • After participating in a Hunt-a-thon, there will be a 180-minute cool down before you can join another Hunt-a-thon. However, you can join another Hunt-a-thon immediately by using an Ultra Hunting Ticket.

  • To participate in a Hunt-a-thon, you need to be near the Hunt-a-thon Point. If you move during the hunt, even if you successfully hunt the first monster, you won't be able to participate in the hunts for the second one and onwards.

How to participate in the Hunt-a-thon

  1. 20 minutes before the Hunt-a-thon starts, specific Gathering Points will transform into Hunt-a-thon Points. However, hunting is not possible during this preliminary state.

  2. When the Hunt-a-thon begins, large monsters appear at the Hunt-a-thon Points.

  3. Approach the Hunt-a-thon Point within accessible range and tap to join. 

  4. Tap 'Join' to transition to the lobby.

  5. Tap 'Start hunting' to initiate the hunt. As Hunt-a-thon monsters are stronger than those in the field, cooperation with other hunters is recommended.

  6. Upon successful completion, you can hunt the next monster.

  7. The Hunt-a-thon concludes when the time limit is reached or all monsters are hunted.


  • At the points where the Hunt-a-thon occurs, the time when the Hunt-a-thon starts is displayed in advance.

  • You can check at which locations the Hunt-a-thon Points will be on the Main Screen.

  • You cannot hunt the same large monster again after completing the hunt. Only if you fail, you can retry within the time limit.

  • If you want to try Hunt-a-thon with other designated hunters, you need to form a Party. For more information about the Party, please refer to this FAQ.

  • If you are not in a Party, hunters who participate in the second hunt may differ from those who participated in the first hunt.

  • If you are in the middle of a Hunt-a-thon at one point and wish to participate in a Hunt-a-thon at another point, you will need a ticket. Also, the progress of the first Hunt-a-thon will be canceled even if it is within the time limit.

Ultra Hunting ticket

Ultra Hunting Ticket allows you to participate in the Hunt-a-thon more frequently. Normally, you can join once every 180 minutes at one location, but using an Ultra Hunting Ticket enables participation before the 180-minute interval elapses. Each ticket is valid for one location and can be purchased from the in-app shop.


  • Ultra Hunting Tickets are consumed after slaying the first monster. Once consumed, you cannot cancel the ticket consumption, even if you choose not to participate in the hunt afterward.

  • Using the Ultra Hunting Ticket reduces the waiting time to 0. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't participate in the Hunt-a-thon even though the time has come.

A: To participate in the Hunt-a-thon, you need to move to a location where you can access the Hunt-a-thon Point. You can only participate in the Hunt-a-thon near the Hunt-a-thon Point.


Q: I was able to participate in the first large monster hunt, but when I tried to join the second large monster hunt, it displayed "Unable to join the Hunt-a-thon." Why?

A: You cannot join if:

  • You are not within the eligible distance for the Hunt-a-thon.

Q. Are Hunt-a-thon Points fixed?

A. Hunt-a-thon points are random based on time.

Q. What happens if the time limit for Hunt-a-thon has passed and I still have not reached the last hunt?

A: As long as you don't return to the Main Screen, you can continue hunting for up to 30 minutes past the time limit. However, once you return to the Main Screen, you won't be able to participate further.

Q. When are the Hunt-a-thons held?

A. Hunt-a-thons appear in the preliminary state at designated points around 6:55 AM local time, with the first session starting around 7:15 AM. The final event of the day begins approximately at 10:40PM local time and concludes around 11:05 PM. Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing. *Times may vary slightly.