While exploring the world of Monster Hunter Now, you may have a chance to receive Sponsored Gifts. The Sponsored Gifts offer will be indicated in the " Supply Items" column in the Shop. To receive the Sponsored Gifts , follow the instructions below.

  1. Tap [Claim ] under Sponsored Gifts

  2. You will be asked for permission to use the camera if you haven’t granted the camera access to the app. Tap [Allow Camera].

  3. The sponsored AR experience will be displayed.

  4. After the AR experience ends, you will receive the item.

Note: The following device requirements must be met in order to receive a Sponsored Gifts. If you do not meet the following device requirements, you will not be able to receive the item.

  • Permission to use camera

  • iOS 15 or higher

  • Android 7 or higher

  • Device memory: 2600mb

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Sponsored Gift doesn't show up on my device.

A. There are some possible reasons.

  • Your device is not applicable

  • Your location doesn't have a campaign

  • The campaign may end.

  • The campaign has shown up at the limit.

Q. I couldn't complete the AR experience, and the sponsor gift disappeared.

A. It may reappear after restarting the app and waiting a few minutes. If it doesn't come up, the campaign may end or the campaign has shown up at the limit.

Q. How can I allow camera permission?


  1. Tap [Settings]

  2. Tap [App]

  3. Tap "MH Now"

  4. Tap [Permission]

  5. Tap [Camera]

  6. Select other than [Not Allowed]


  1. Tap [Settings]

  2. Tap "MH Now"

  3. Enable [Camera]

Q. I see the same Sponsor Gifts multiple times

A. Some Sponsored Gifts appear multiple times.

Q. I don't want my AR photo stored

A. it is only stored on the user's device - Niantic does not store this data.

Q: What is "apply AR effects to faces"?  (Only for some sponsor gifts)

A:  In this experience, the front camera is used to apply AR effects to faces.  Camera data is not stored.  A photo will be taken but not saved.  Option to save the photo to your device is available.  Closing the app will exit you from the experience.