If you own Palico Paintballs (Blue-violet Paintballs), then fulfilling the following conditions will let your Palico automatically use Palico Paintballs to mark monsters:

  • "Adventure Sync" is enabled.

  • Walk a certain distance.

Please see details of Adventure Sync settings in this article.

Please note the following:

  • The strength of the monster that gets marked is decided at random.

  • Any unused Palico Paintballs will not carry over to the following day.

  • If GPS usage is restricted on your device or communication line, such as power-saving mode or bandwidth limitation, your Palico may not be able to mark even if "Adventure sync" is turned on.

  • (24/2/8 updated at the forum news)

    Conditions for Palico marking have been adjusted.

    Palico will no longer mark the large monster in the field while you are actively hunting it.

    However, Palico may still mark a large monster on the Main Screen while you are tapping it or while you are on the Hunt Preparation Menu. With regard to this specification, we are currently reviewing our approach. We appreciate your understanding.

    *You can go back to the Main Screen from the Hunt Preparation Menu to check whether the monster has been marked before starting the hunt in order to prevent the disappearance of the monster marked with a Palico Paintball from the Paintball list.