For those hunters who participated in the Monster Hunter Now Closed Beta Test and purchased Gems through the Google Play Store, here are the instructions on how to receive your Gems.

When Monster Hunter Now is officially released in your country, please download Monster Hunter Now from the Google Play Store or App Store and start the game.

When starting the game, please make sure to create an account with the same Google login address that you used to participate in the second closed beta test.

  1. After starting the game, select [Hunter Profile] - [Settings] - [Contact Us].
  2. A support bot will respond. Type in "Closed Beta Test Gem."
  3. Under "Select a Response," select "Other Inquiry: Gem."
  4. Answer all the items displayed on the next screen.

After the support agents confirm the request, Gems will be granted and will be noticed. It will take up to one month to distribute the Gems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Gems distributed in the game be eligible for receiving bonus Gems after the official release?
A: No, they will not be eligible. Only Gems purchased through Google Play Store during the Closed Beta Test are eligible.

Q: If I purchased Gems through Google Play Store during the Closed Beta Test and used them to exchange for items, will the bonus Gems granted after the official release be reduced?
A: No, they will not be reduced.

Q: If I purchase 150 Gems through Google Play Store, will I definitely receive 150 bonus Gems upon the official release?
A: The amount of bonus Gems you receive will depend on the Gem price at the time of the official release. Please refer to the Calculation Method of bonus Gems for more details.