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Some Users might experience an issue where it appears that gameplay progress has been reset. Please be assured that your gameplay progress has NOT been lost. It remains safe and intact.

You may have inadvertently created another Monster Hunter Now account. This happens when you create a Monster Hunter Now account with one login method and later attempt to sign in with a different login method or email address.

Also, you may change the login method at Pokémon GO or other Niantic app. Your Monster Hunter Now Account is related to other Niantic apps, and if you change the login method at the other app, it is necessary to login with the method to Monster Hunter Now with changed login credentials.

To resolve this issue:

You’ll need to log out of the account you’re currently signed into and sign in with the email address and login method you originally used to create your  Monster Hunter Now account, or, the  login credential you have changed at other Niantic apps.

  1. In Hunter Profile Screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Log Out.
  3. Sign in using the same email address and login method used when you originally created your  Monster Hunter Now  account, or , changed login credentials at other Niantic app.