Hunters who participated in the Closed Beta Test of Monster Hunter Now are requested to perform the following operations.

For Hunters who participated in the closed beta test on Android devices

  1. Access the following URL and tap "Exit Program" when "Participating in Closed Beta Test" is displayed.
    *You do not need to do anything in particular when you are redirected to the pre-registration site.

  2. Uninstall the "Monster Hunter Now" beta version that you have installed in the past.

For Hunters who participated with iOS devices

  1. Launch Testflight and tap the icon if "Monster Hunter Now" is displayed. After Tapping icon, Tap "Stop Testing" at the bottom of the screen
    (If it is not already displayed, there is no need to do anything.)

  2. Delete the Testflight version of "Monster Hunter Now" that you have installed in the past

Thank you for participating in the Closed Beta Test, and we are looking forward to seeing you playing again!