If you want to hunt monsters marked with Paintballs together with specific members, you can use QR codes for invitations.

Note: To participate in hunts using QR codes, hunters need to be within a certain range of each other. 

Inviting Friends and others to hunt a monster marked by you:

  1. Tap [Paintball].

  2. Tap [Hunt].

  3. Tap [Invite nearby hunters].

  4. Share the QR code displayed next to [Scan QR to join] with the people you want to hunt with.

  5. Once the participants appear, tap [Ready].

Note: (Starting from 1/29) After the hunt begins, if any participating hunter successfully defeats the monster, the hunt will be considered completed. Regardless of the number of attempts, further hunting of the monster will not be possible.

Joining the hunt for a monster marked by your Friend or others:

  1. Tap [Paintball].

  2. Tap the lower-right corner [Scan QR to join].

  3. Tap [Hunt Together Using QR Code].

  4. If the message "Allow photos and videos access to Monster Hunter Now?" appears, select "Only While Using the App".

  5. Scan the QR code.

  6. Tap [Ready].


  • When in a Party, hunting monsters marked with Paintballs can only be done with party members.

  • If the large monster you successfully hunted in a Group hunt and the one you marked had spawned in the same location at the same time, even if their ★(star) are different, they will be treated as the same monster, and the one you marked will be considered successfully completed as well.