What are Pre-registration Rewards?

By installing Monster Hunter Now and entering a Hunter name before September 21, 23:59, you can receive rewards from the Pre-registration Campaign. These rewards can be obtained from the in-app Shop after an update scheduled for mid-September. For more details about the Pre-registration Campaign, please refer to the Monster Hunter Now official website.

Note: If you have not entered a Hunter name and started to play the app by September 21, 23:59, you will not be able to receive the Pre-registration Rewards.

How to Claim Pre-registration Rewards:

  1. Launch the app.

  2. After reaching Hunter Rank 3, tap the Shop icon at the lower right of the Main screen.

  3. From the 'Supply Items,' tap on 'Pre-registration Rewards.'

  4. Tap 'Claim.'


  • To receive Pre-registration Rewards, you need to have the latest version of the app (Ver 61).

  • Access to the Shop is not available initially. Access becomes possible once your Hunter Rank reaches 3 or above.

  • Some items require reaching a certain Hunter Rank before they can be used.

  • The deadline to claim the 'Pre-registration Rewards' is 60 days after the update scheduled in September. If not claimed by that date, the Pre-registration Rewards will be removed from 'Supply Items.'

  • The Pre-registration acceptance period, as well as the content and timing of the rewards, may change or be canceled without prior notice