Thank you for playing Monster Hunter Now. Due to the nature of the game, there may be instances where communication is disrupted during hunts due to unexpected deterioration of network conditions. This can lead to phenomena such as hunts not being completed successfully. Please be aware that we generally do not conduct individual investigations for issues related to communication troubles during hunts caused by network conditions. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Regarding other support policies, please find the details outlined below.


Issues Due to User Device

To enjoy Monster Hunter Now smoothly, it is essential to use a device that is on the list of Supported Devices. If you use a device that is not supported, there is a possibility of hunt interruptions, ineffectiveness of items used, or delays in item effects, so please be mindful of this.


Questions Regarding Gameplay, Tips, and Detailed Specifications

We do not provide information beyond what is already provided in FAQs, official websites, and other sources.


Support for Items Purchased with Gems

  • We will investigate the issue.

  • If an issue is confirmed, we may provide compensation through standardized procedures or upon your request. 



  • Please note that if the issue is confirmed to be dependent on the hunter's environment, it may not be subject to support.

    • Investigations may take approximately one month.

  • For instances where issues arise after using items purchased with Gems and a hunt fails, resulting in a missed opportunity to slay a rare monster, we are unable to provide compensation for the materials that could have been obtained through the encounter.

  • Please refrain from making false claims to User Support, as this may hinder fair app operations. Such actions may result in penalties, including account suspension.


Recovery of Used Items and Materials

We do not provide recovery or compensation for used items or materials. Please exercise caution when using them.


  • Accidentally using materials to forge, upgrade or overgrade unintended equipment

  • Accidentally unmarking a marked monster on the Paintball List before hunting