※To use the friend feature, you need to be Hunter Rank 6 or above.


Each hunter has a unique 12-digit friend code and a corresponding QR code. Use this code to add other hunters as your friend. Adding friends will enable you to see your friend's information. Also, your friend(s) will see some information about you, including your Hunter Rank.

Visit the FAQ "Information shared with others" to learn more about the information you share with your friend. 

  • If you have friends who are playing Monster Hunter Now in other Niantic apps, they will also appear in your friend list in Monster Hunter Now. Niantic's friend list allows you to have a maximum of 450 friends, including friends from other Niantic apps.

  • If you have reached the maximum limit of friends, you will need to remove friends before adding new ones. However, please be aware that if you remove a friend from one Niantic game, they will also be removed from your friends' list in other Niantic games.

  • Please note that the names of friends may appear differently between other Niantic apps and Monster Hunter Now.

  • You can choose to accept or reject friend requests in your friend list. If a friend request is accepted or if someone you sent a friend request to sends you one, you will become mutual friends, and you'll be able to see each other's profiles in the friend list. 

  • Friend requests are valid for 7 days after they are sent.

To add a friend:

Adding another hunter as a friend in Monster Hunter Now will add them as a friend in all Niantic Games you both play. For more details, please visit our FAQ "Information shared with others".  

  1. From the Main Menu, tap [Hunter] icon, then tap [Friends].

  2. Tap [Add Friends].

  3. From the [Add a Friend] option, you can perform the following actions:

  • To add a friend using the 12-digit Friend Code of the hunter you want to be friends with:
    Enter the Friend Code of the hunter you wish to add as a friend and tap [Add].

  • To add a friend using a QR code:
    Tap [QR] and use your camera to scan the QR code of the hunter you want to add.
  • You can also become friends with other hunters by sharing your Friend Code or having them scan the QR code displayed under [My Friend Code].

  • If you wish to change your Friend Code, tapping the update icon will reset it.

To delete a friend:

Removing a friend from Monster Hunter Now will remove them as a friend in all games you both play. 

  1. From the Main Menu, tap [Hunter] icon, then tap [Friends].

  2. Tap next to the name of the friend you wish to delete and select "Delete Friend".