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What is a Niantic ID?

Niantic ID is a unique identifier for each hunter, which can be used across other Niantic games and apps. Niantic ID makes it easier for friends connected through Monster Hunter Now to recognize each other across Niantic games and apps and stay connected.

If you start Monster Hunter Now using a login method without a Niantic ID set up, a Niantic ID will be automatically generated for you.

Confirming your Niantic ID

You can check your set Niantic ID through the following steps:

  1. Tap [Hunter Icon] from the Main Menu.

  2. Look for the string labeled "Niantic ID:" below your Hunter Name.

Sharing Niantic ID

Niantic ID is one of the pieces of information shared with friends. For more details, please visit our Help Center article Information shared with others.

Changing Niantic ID

You can change your Niantic ID once only at my.nianticlabs.com. The updated Niantic ID will be immediately reflected on your Monster Hunter Now profile and your friends' friend lists.

Deleting Niantic ID

While you intend to keep playing Monster Hunter Now, you cannot delete your Niantic ID. It will only be deleted if you delete your Monster Hunter Now account and are not using the same login method for other Niantic games or apps.

What is a Niantic Profile?

Niantic Profile is accessible through my.nianticlabs.com, where you can view and manage your friends list, profile information, and other account settings. Your Niantic Profile shows the games you play, lifetime distance walked, and when you first began playing Niantic games. 

Additionally, on my.nianticlabs.com, you can control what others see on your Niantic Profile. For more information, check out our article about visibility settings for Niantic Profile.