Welcome to Monster Hunter Now!

(This article is English, Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese only)

In Monster Hunter Now, you can seek out and hunt monsters that pop up around our world.

Take the hunt outside, and see what monsters you can find in your neighborhood!

Logging In

First, select "New Player" to log in to the game.

Please consult the page below for Google accounts other than those ending in @gmail.com.


Naming Your Character

Next, select a name for your hunter (2–30 characters).

  • Hunter names can only contain English letters and numbers.

  • You can use the same Hunter Name as other hunters.

  • Hunter Name change is only allowed once every 30 days.

Complete Quests to Become a full-fledged hunter!

You play the part of a novice hunter exploring our world.

Progress through the Prologue Story.

Complete Quests to raise your Hunter Rank and unlock all sorts of features!

Hunting Monsters

Go on hunts against monsters that you encounter in the field!

Defeat the monsters to obtain monster materials that are used for crafting equipment. Check the FAQ [TIPS] Hunt Monster 

Gathering Materials (Hunter Rank 4 & above)

Gathering Points can be found out in the field. You can harvest ore from Mining Outcrops, monster bones from Bonepiles, and items such as herbs, mushrooms, and insects from Vegetations. These items are used to forge, upgrade, and overgrade your equipment.

Upgrading Equipment (Hunter Rank 4 & above)

Gather monster materials, other materials, and Zenny to upgrade your equipment.

You can reinforce equipment on the Equipment screen. Check the FAQ : Forging, Upgrading, and Overgrading Weapons and Armor for more details.

Paintballs (Hunter Rank 5 & above)

There are two types of Paintballs that are used for marking, and each has their own specific use.

  • Palico Marking
    Fulfilling conditions such as turning on Adventure Sync will let your Palico automatically use Palico Paintballs to mark on monsters. Check the Palico Marking section of the FAQ : Hunt Monster for more details.

  • Manual Marking
    You can obtain paintballs as rewards for increasing your Hunter Rank, or by exchanging Gems for them in the Shop. Paintballs let you manually mark Large monsters.
    Check the Manual Marking section of the FAQ : Hunt Monster for more details.

Palico Bag (Hunter Rank 8 & above)

By going on walks, your Palico will gather items from small Gathering Points to place in your Palico Bag.

The Palico Bag has a limited number of inventory slots and you can collect items while the slots are not full. 

After you return from an excursion, be sure to take any items that were placed in the bag!

*When your Palico Bag is full, the Palico Bag button will appear in the lower left corner of the Main Screen. Tap the button to receive the items.

Adjusting Image Quality

You can adjust the game's image quality in Settings. If you feel like the game is running slow, tap Settings under Hunter Screen, then set Image Quality to medium or low.

Additionally, by checking [60fps while hunting] in [Settings], you can change the frame rate from the default 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second. Please be aware that this higher processing load for rendering may lead to faster battery consumption and slower app performance, depending on your device and environment, and may affect gameplay. A high-end device is recommended.


You can exchange Gems for various in-game items that help the game progress. Gems can be purchased through the Google Play Store.

Check the FAQ: Items that can be exchanged with Gems and their effects  for more details.