Hello, Dot is a mixed reality experience from the Peridot franchise that allows you to engage in the magic of Peridot in totally new ways. 

As part of this immersive experience, you can use a mixed reality headset to engage with your Dot up close, just like you would in real life.       

Please note that Hello, Dot is a mixed reality showcase feature and the Peridot team is constantly working to improve the Hello, Dot feature and AR display compatibility. Learn more about Hello, Dot on the official website here.

Supported Devices:

  • Meta Quest 3 via App Lab

  • Other spatial computing devices are currently being explored

How to Use Hello, Dot:

  1. Log into your Meta Account on your Meta Quest 3.

  2. Search for “Hello, Dot” on the Meta Quest 3 App Lab Store.

  3. Install the app.

  4. Tap on “Hello, Dot” in your Library to start the experience!

Actions you can take with your Dot in Hello, Dot

Once you have installed Hello, Dot on your device, you can engage with your Dot in a number of new and exciting ways. 


Upon first opening Hello, Dot, your new Dot will hatch from an egg right in front of you. You can customize your Dot’s appearance by dipping it in the paint can at any time.


You can play with it just like you would in real life: pick your Dot up, dance with your Dot, give your Dot some pats, even toss your Dot into the air and watch it float back down to you.


Your Dot will also respond to various hand gestures:

  • Hold out a flattened hand to call your Dot to you.

  • Use your finger like a laser pointer and point at any spot to get your Dot to follow to where you’re pointing.

  • Lift your index and pinky finger and extend your thumb, palm facing you to generate Dot yums!

  • Use a pinch to hold onto your Dot’s ears, legs, whatever and give it a good dancing

  • Pick up your Dot and play with it like you would in real life.

  • Toss your Dot in the air for it to float back down into your arms.

Please note that Hello, Dot is a separate experience from the Peridot mobile app. You cannot transfer or sync Dots, items, achievements, etc. between experiences.

Troubleshooting Hello, Dot

Many of the most common issues can be resolved by force quitting and restarting Hello, Dot. If you continue to experience issues, try these troubleshooting steps from the Meta Quest help center. 

Common issues:

  • If you are unable to find Hello, Dot in the Meta Quest 3 App Lab Store, make sure you are including the comma.

  • If your Dot gets stuck in a surface, try using the summon gesture or laser pointer to resolve the issue. 

  • Make sure you are connected to wifi otherwise the app won’t start

  • If you can’t see your Dot, but you can hear it, it means your Meta Quest 3 is not recognizing your room. Go to the Meta Quest 3 Settings > Physical Space > Space Setup to scan or save a new scan of your room