As you explore your neighborhood, you’ll now notice that a glowing green Blight has spread across the shared world map. Within the Blight, there are Feral Dots that need our help to be rescued. You’ll be able to see these Feral Dots on the map when you enter Blighted areas. To clear the Blight from these areas, you or other Keepers in your neighborhood will need to rescue the Feral Dot that inhabit those areas.

Rescuing Dots and Clearing Blight

To clear Blight from the map, the Feral Dots in the area must be rescued. In order to rescue a Feral Dot, you and one of your Dots need to encounter it, and then Dazzle it! You need to be at least a level 3 to Dazzle a Dot.

In order to encounter and Dazzle a Dot, go to the map by tapping the map icon on the top right hand side of your screen. 

Then, if Blight is in your area, you will see Feral Dot Icons on your screen. 

Tap on the Feral Dot you wish to Dazzle to start the encounter with, and be sure to select the Dot in your possession that has the most likelihood of Dazzling the Feral Dot successfully! Dots will have a better likelihood of Dazzling if they share Traits with the Feral Dot. You can read more about Feral Dots and their traits here

Once the encounter starts, you will need to lasso the Dot by tracing circles around it in succession until you see the “release!” prompt. Higher level Feral Dots may require multiple lassos or multiple attempts.

If you successfully rescue a Dot, you will earn rewards such as Dot Growth, Blightbux
, and more. Tap on the Visitor Dots suitcase to see the Dots you have rescued, you can even Hatch with them! Rescued Dots may be cheaper to Hatch with than other Dots visiting you.