Peridot occasionally offers offer codes through our partnerships and special events. Offer codes can be redeemed for items such as  

To redeem an offer code on the web:

  1. Visit this website.

  2. Log in using the same credentials you use to access your Peridot account.

  3. Enter your offer code.

  4. After successfully redeeming an offer code, a message will display the items added to your inventory.


To redeem an offer code on the web with Apple ID:

Offer code redemption on the web is currently unavailable for users who sign into Peridot using their Apple ID. If you log in using your Apple ID, you can link another login provider to your account and login via that account to redeem your offer code.


Where can I get offer codes for free items?

Niantic offers a limited supply of one-time use codes in conjunction with special events or sponsored partnerships.

Why can’t my child access offer codes?

Niantic Kids accounts cannot redeem offer codes at this time.